A long overdue update…

It really has been a while since I posted here, but if truth be told I didn’t have a huge amount to say. I did start writing a ‘six month since I left SAP’ update a month or so ago but it coincided with that nasty bug that was going around and by the time I felt well enough to get out of bed and actually turn my laptop on again, six months had well and truly come and gone… And then a seven month update just didn’t have the same ring to it.

I was beginning to feel a little bit down about my lack of progress but on the flipside it did mean I had more time to go running, get out on the bike in good weather and rate all the coffee shops in a two mile radius from Hampton Wick. I kind of felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall applying for jobs that I felt I was qualified for but getting turned down because of my lack of charity experience. I’m sure there’s a relevant quote I could add in here about the definition of insanity but it certainly felt like I was just doing the same type of applications all the time and getting the same results. I wonder if Einstein ever changed career into the charity sector? At the same time, the Mo Farah Foundation was closing down so the experience I was gaining from them was pretty much over. And I never actually got to meet Mo.

So I started looking round for something else to do to gain some experience and decided to apply or contact companies about internships. Sitting at home applying for jobs and not earning anything wasn’t really working so I might as well be sitting in an office somewhere, gaining some experience while not earning anything. So that’s how I came to be working as an intern for the Dot Com Children’s Foundation. If working as an intern was good enough for Robert de Niro and Chandler from Friends then it’s good enough for me.

The Dot Com Children’s Foundation is committed to empowering children and are dedicated to building children’s self-worth and values to ensure they reach their full potential. The programme is based on a series of journals featuring a character ‘Dorothy Com’ and is a universal safeguarding tool supported by the Home Office. It is used in schools and other settings to:

  • help every child realise their potential
  • highlight children who need more targeted intervention
  • ensure children have the knowledge and confidence they need to make good decisions in life, especially about their own safety.

It’s been two days now and it’s been good fun so far although there’s lots to learn and after many years out of an office it really is a bit weird to be working in one again, although I think tomorrow I am going to a school in Croydon to dress up as a furry cat called Wizard.

Anyway, I have a job to go to now so I better sign off here. If any of my primary school teacher friends or family are reading this, beware, I probably will be talking to you in the coming weeks about the charity and you can help…


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