Hello February

I seem to start every blog now with something along the lines of, ‘well, it’s been a while since I last posted in here’ or ‘wasn’t this supposed to be a weekly blog when I started?’ So it probably seems only right and proper to say that it’s been a while and this definitely doesn’t appear to be a weekly blog anymore.

I must admit I haven’t really felt like writing much lately because I do feel a bit like I have been banging my head against a brick wall a little bit. After the heady days of three interviews in a week before Christmas I really hadn’t had much of a sniff of anything for over a month and it was beginning to get me down a little bit. I was even finding it a little bit strange when people were going to work on a Monday morning and I was thinking that do you know what, all things considered I’d quite like to be doing that as well. As long as it’s not ‘that’ early on a Monday morning. It’s not as if I haven’t been busy, I’m still in at least once a week with the Mo Farah Foundation creating content for them, updating their website and posting lots of useful and relevant social media info for them. We’ve even increased their Twitter followers significantly in the last month.  I’m also still enjoying reading with the students at my friend’s school on a Tuesday. It was lovely to go back in after Christmas and find a different teacher in their class who wasn’t sure who normally read with me. As two of the kids ran up and hugged my legs, shouting ‘read with me first!’ both the teacher and I were pretty sure that these two were on the list… I’ve also been regularly volunteering at parkrun and junior parkrun and am also looking forward to helping set up the new Hanworth junior parkrun over the next few months. And I may have possibly bought a shiny new bike and possibly a pair of trainers (don’t tell Justine) to help with training for my first ultra marathon and 100 mile bike ride I’m hoping to do this summer. All of that is great, but it’s not really achieving what I was hoping to do when I said farewell to a life of software education back in the summer of 2015.

But as I sit here with God Only Knows by the Beach Boys playing and the sun streaming in through the windows I figured it was time to get back on the metaphorical blogging horse and start bashing away at the keyboard and see what comes out. I’d also been encouraged by two lovely people to start blogging again as they both really enjoyed reading them – so I’m looking forward to reading a lovely comment or two Rosie and Louise! Thanks for giving me a nudge..

However the blog I was going to write about carrying on applying for jobs regardless or pondering a change of direction isn’t quite what I’m going to write as I have been offered an interview for a job at an organisation I really want. I’m not going to tempt fate by naming them but it was really a boost yesterday when the email came through saying they would like to invite me in. It was the first good reply I’ve had from a charity in ages, if I’ve even received a reply at all. I did receive one earlier in the week from a very nice lady at a charity thanking me for my application but asking if I wanted to finish it fully before sending in. Kindly she’s even highlighted the section in yellow that needed work. Now I like a three part list but even I had to agree with her that saying I was outgoing, creative and xxxx wasn’t really ideal.  At least it wasn’t the section in my cover letter where I said my attention to detail was ecxellent.

I’ve also got a couple of other job applications in through contacts that hopefully might end up in a bit more than the sound of silence or another ‘thank you, but you have no charity experience, so no thanks.’ So things are feeling a little more positive now. January has been and gone, the sun is still shining so I may go for a little stroll in the park after I post this and even Chelsea won a game at the weekend. Okay, so it was only Milton Keynes but from the smallest acorns etc.

Oh, and the picture is for you Robin. I know you said they took a while to scroll through so I thought I’d post one you’d enjoy looking at.


2 thoughts on “Hello February

  1. ‘Inserting positive comments here’ as requested. You freaking rock Rob….awesome writing…..keep going….you can do it. etc.
    Seriously, love this, it’s very brave, and many more people than you realise have/are going through career/life change. It’s very tough and requires extreme confidence (while suffering moments of extreme doubt). Fun times! But you will get there in the end and thank you for sharing the journey with us.
    You know where I am x


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