Hello 2016…

Now I know none of you have said it in so many words but despite the festive Christmas and New Year periods that I hope you have all enjoyed, I’m pretty sure the first thing that has been on your mind each morning as you awoke was, ‘when will there be a new blog post from Rob and when will we find out how those job interviews went back in December of last year?’ Luckily for you I’ve taken a break from all the cheese, chocolate and nut roast eating to take a few moments to jot down my first entry in my blog for 2016. I would say that one of my New Year Resolutions was to make this a weekly blog but why resolve to do something that you know you will break within a few weeks. Instead I’m resolving to break 5 minutes for a mile – I have all year to fail to do that..

So back in 2015 I had a little bit of a breakthrough and managed to get invited for three interviews in the space of one week. Despite the risk of putting a pretty big spoiler out there straight away, it’s safe to say that I’m not writing this in the comfort of my new office and on a rubbish laptop that doesn’t take 10 minutes simply to open a Word document…

The first job was for a great rugby charity that amongst other projects uses rugby to help kids get off the streets, gain some self esteem and try and get then back into Education, Training or Employment – unfortunately a crash on the M3 meant I was about 15 minutes late for the interview so I was at least grateful they saw me. We had a great chat but unfortunately my lack of charity experience went against me. It was the same story for the second interview with a very large charity who were looking for someone to help with marketing and managing their Running & Challenge Events programme. I also had an absolute stinking cold that day so not sure I was quite at my sparkling, witty best. Hopefully my ongoing work with the Mo Farah Foundation will help close the lack of charity work on  my CV or maybe I just need to talk it up a bit more at my next interview. I’m not too disheartened though as it was good to get some interview experience under my belt again – I think it had been about ten years since I had an interview with anyone other than SAP! For the arithmetically minded amongst you, you may well be saying about now, what about the third interview? Well, that was a phone interview for a ‘start up’ charity and they did actually invite me in for a full interview but I decided not to pursue this any further – it was a full on marketing job and not really the type of thing I’m looking to do.

So 2016 has me pretty much back to square one looking through job sites, updating my CV and sending off speculative emails to companies that I would like to work for. While I -still – enjoy not actually working, it has been a bit weird this week hearing about everyone going back to work or school and not being any part of it. I wouldn’t have minded but the last two days cricket over in South Africa hasn’t exactly been riveting.. There are a couple of jobs I’ve already seen that I like the look of so applications will be winging their way to them in the next couple of days but if anyone reading this sees anything you think may be of interest to me, please don’t hesitate to let me know.  Equally if anyone wants to hear about our pre Christmas trip to Brazil and Argentina and wants to take a leisurely look through the 500+ photos I have, once again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and I wish you all the best for a great 2016…


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