It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I blogged in here. Life just has a habit of getting in the way of sitting down in front of a laptop and knocking out a few hundred words. To be fair, I do have a bit of an excuse because since the last entry we have moved house and we are now in an amazing place with a great view of Bushy Park, however the lack of wifi has meant that regular blogging and job searching has pretty much been put on hold. Although I have carried a lot of boxes down stairs, into vans and up stairs again, so I haven’t been sitting down doing nothing the whole time…

While I’m not actually any closer to having a job and indeed have spectacularly managed to fail to get so much as an interview, I do genuinely feel that I am making progress in the right direction. First of all I spent a fun few weeks volunteering at the Rugby World Cup. One of the joys of writing this in a ‘wifi free zone’ that is our flat is that I can’t remember if I talked much about this before, feel free to skip on to the next paragraph if I have. I thoroughly enjoyed my stint at the RWC but I think I can just mark at down as being good fun and looks good on my CV as opposed to being anything that useful in my job search. It was great arranging Land Rover Discovery’s for Nigel Owens and booking seats on a coach for Francois Pienaar, Scott Hastings, Raphael Ibanez and countless others of the great and the good of Word Rugby although the highlight had to be arranging for a Lego version of the William Webb Ellis Cup to be transported to the Richmond fanzone. Heady days indeed. Unfortunately all the team leaders and managers I worked for all seem to be either moving overseas or taking sabbaticals so the hope that one of them might be able to hire me or put in a good word for me might be a bit of a distant one… still, we did get some very nice kit including a couple of pairs of socks that are really very comfy.

One bit of volunteering that has been incredibly positive has been the work I am doing with the Mo Farah Foundation. It’s only one day a week but I like to think that I have been a great help so far and they now have a regular social media calendar, update emails are being sent to their supporter list and various fundraising campaigns have been kicked off that otherwise might well be sitting on someone’s To Do list. I’ve also started work on a script for a brand video competition the Foundation are entering so fingers crossed in a years time there will be a great, animated video promoting the brand of the Mo Farah Foundation and I’ll be able to say, ‘I wrote that’ in a future edition of this blog. That is of course if I’ve got a job by then and haven’t had to sell all my worldly possessions including my laptop just to put some food on the table.

I also had a really fruitful meeting with a lovely lady called Anna from an organisation called SportInspired. They are a charity that organise sporting days for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in association with large organisations whose staff get involved, usually as part of a CSR programme they are running.  They’re a small charity but really seem to be going places and the work they are doing is almost exactly the kind of thing I imagined I wanted to do when I first decided to take the money and run from SAP. I’m helping out at an event in early December and even the thought of a 7am start somewhere in Barking isn’t dampening my excitement for the day.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it but I am a massive fan of parkrun (really, you have to do it) and achieved a bit of a secret ambition on Saturday when due to all the regulars being away racing or on holiday, I got to be Run Director for the day. I got a stepladder, a high-viz jacket and a microphone and despite being a little bit nervous, I couldn’t have been happier. Everything went well, 865 people went home happy despite a little light rain and no one seemed to complain that their result was wrong so I’m counting it as a success. It really was a genuine honour to be allowed to be a Run Director at the home of parkrun and yes, it may well be the first thing someone is going to read on my CV from now on… We also had a lovely guy called Bruce there who is an amazing photographer and film maker. You can see one of the snaps below and the video is on You Tube here


Only two more days until wifi comes on at our new place, or ‘Great News’ as the text message from Sky proclaimed when they confirmed they would be connecting it on the day they originally said they would. Personally I would have thought Great News would have been they are connecting it quicker than the two weeks it has taken them to flick a switch but then I remember that the glass is supposed to be half full so I’m just grateful that it’s being connected at all! Anyway, that does mean I can get back to the job search in earnest although I still say retiring early at 43 is definitely all it’s cracked up to be…

One thought on “It’s been a while…

  1. Enjoying the read Rob, keep smiling and your fortune will change. I wouldn’t mind retiring! I’m at a big pharma, not sure if I can do anything but let me know if I can, Paul J


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